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Chikankari- The textile ART OF Lucknow! History and kinds of chikankari

Chikankari- The Much loved embroider ART OF Lucknow! Chikankari Art an exquisite form of hand embroidery hailing from Lucknow, India, has captivated hearts for centuries. Lucknowi chikankari art form adorns fabrics with delicate whitework, creating motifs that dance with light and shadow. Today, we embark on a journey to explore the enchanting world of Chikankari, delving into its diverse stitches, rich history, and enduring legacy. Chikankari- The Much loved embroider...

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Frequent asked questions about The ART OF CHIKANKARI

  Frequently asked questions about Lucknowi chikankari! Q. Which was the most preferred chikankari design and style in 2023? Chikankari Fashion has taken the country by storm in last few years and you can see many celebrities in Chikankari too. While there are some designs and style which are evergreen like Cotton chikankari with bakhiya work or Georgette chikankari , there are many which were trending in year 2023 like...

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